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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] January 28, 2010
Production Increase of 4 Times Current Rate for OPTOOL DSX
- Meets Need for Protecting Surfaces from Fingerprint Smudges -


Daikin Industries, Ltd. is substantially increasing its production capacity in the spring of 2010 for the fluorinated anti-fouling coating agent OPTOOL DSX to meet the growing need to protect surfaces, such as touch panels used in mobile devices, from fingerprint smudging.
Production for the coating agent within the Daikin Group is scheduled to increase to four times that of the current total production capacity. New construction is scheduled to begin in early February for production facilities in the United States at the Daikin America Inc. Decatur Plant(Decatur, Alabama) and will be followed by expansion of production facilities in Japan at the Yodogawa Plant (Settsu City, Osaka Prefecture) at the end of March. With this increase in production, Daikin intends to press forward even further to cultivate demand in the United States, Europe, and Asia with the aim for 4 billion yen in sales in 2012.

Recently, mobile devices and OA equipment with touch panels that allow operation by pressing a finger to the display have been increasing, and the ratio of touch panels being built into mobile telephones such as smart phones, which have the largest number of touch panel suppliers, is expected to rise from approximately 16% in 2008 to 40% in 2015 *1.
Accompanying the rise in prevalence of touch panels is an increase in the need to protect the display surfaces from fingerprint smudges (sebum soiling).OPTOOL DSX has superior water and oil repellency properties, and by coating surfaces such as glass with this product a "surface slideability" is given to the surface that allows stains to be easily wiped away in addition to an anti-fouling property that protects fingerprint from sticking. Furthermore, the product features a special characteristic of being "hard to peel off" that lasts for an exceedingly long period of time. Likewise, the extremely thin membrane measuring less than 10 nanometers (0.00001 millimeters) provides protection that does not interrupt optical property of display.
Sales of this product began in 2002 with the product being primarily used as a protective coating for lens in eyeglasses. Accompanying the acceleration of global sales for display applications, we are proceeding forward to meet new needs for the future through application development that utilizes the special characteristics of this product.

   *1 Data provided by DisplaySearch, a market research company for the display industry.

[ Applications of OPTOOL DSX ]
1) Anti-fouling coating for display surface:
Smartphones, car navigation systems, laptop computers, digital cameras,
portable music players, ATMs, operation touch panels of ticket machines, and LCD televisions
2) Anti-fouling coating for surfaces of optical products:
Eyeglasses and lens

[ Special Characteristics of OPTOOL DSX ]
1. Provides outstanding anti-fouling properties
   Exhibits efficacy in repelling oil and water in addition to protecting against fingerprint smudges.

2. Excels in delivering low friction surfaces
   Forms an easy-to-slide surface that enables grime to be easily wiped away.

3. Surpasses in anti-fouling durability
   An excellent anti-fouling property lasts for a long time by a strong chemical bond provided by a hydroxyl radical (hydroxyl group).

4. Minimal effect to optical characteristics
   Because the coating exhibits a thin membrane that is less than 10 nanometers thick (0.00001 millimeters), there is virtually no effect to optical characteristics, including visibility and reflectivity, in applications such as displays.

  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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