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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] November 2, 2011
New Sales Launch of the Container Refrigeration Unit ZESTIATM
Approximately 45% Energy Savings in an Industry First Use of DC Inverter

Daikin Industries, Ltd. announces the sales launch of the Container Refrigeration Unit ZESTIATM for November 9, 2011. ZESTIATM, the world's first container refrigeration unit to employ a scroll type DC inverter compressor, features outstanding energy savings along with even greater ease in operation and maintenance. Recently, efforts have been made in the global maritime industry to strengthen environmental protection, and in July of this year a decision was made to introduce a CO2 emission policy*1 to international maritime transportation. With the steep rise in the price of bunker oil, the striving for energy savings has accelerated even further for container ships. Consequently, the trend towards pursuing energy savings from such aspects as reduction in operation costs and CO2 emissions has intensified, even for container refrigeration units.

In employing a scroll DC inverter compressor in ZESTIATM, Daikin leverages its abundant experience in commercial use air conditioners to achieve a world's first for container refrigeration units that reduces electric power consumption by approximately 45%*2. Moreover, the unit meets today's needs for larger container ships and improves ease of machine operation and maintenance so that inspection can be performed more efficiently in a shorter time.

[Product Features]
1. Achieves top-class energy savings with the industry first use of DC inverter compressor
Inverter control greatly reduces energy consumption by precisely adjusting the revolutions of the compressor to realize energy savings of approximately 45%*2 compared to conventional Daikin units and enable stable inside temperatures.

2. Adds new functions that improve ease of operation and maintenance
(1) Possible to download operation data to USB memory

Previously, analyzing the operation status of conventional refrigeration units required connecting a PC and downloading the operation record. However, with ZESTIATM, data can be directly downloaded from the unit controller to USB memory, eliminating the need to carry a computer. Furthermore, data transfer time has been shortened by 90%, making it possible to export the operation record in approximately 30 seconds.

(2) Improves visibility using a large-sized full dot matrix LCD screen with backlight
A large-sized 5.7-inch full dot matrix LCD screen has been adopted that is nearly twice as large as conventional screens and uses a full dot matrix screen that enables graphics to be displayed, including those showing a history of temperature changes inside the container and conveys the operation status in only one glance. Moreover, the new standard-equipped backlight makes operation simple with an exceptionally easy-to-read screen.

(3) Easier maintenance with simple failure checking
Maintenance time has been further shortened with the installation of LED lights inside the controller to make it easier to identify malfunctioning parts.

[Price and Launch]
Product Name Price Sales Launch
ZESTIATM (LX10F) Open November 9, 2011

    *1:  The 62nd session of the Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC) adopted a partial revision of the Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollution that will be enforced from January 1, 2013.
    *2:  This is a comparison with Daikin's LXE10E(~E) Series of power consumption per hour when the operation ratio for chilled temperature range (- 9.9~+30ºC) and frozen temperature range (- 30~ -10ºC) is 60% and 40%, respectively.

  [Temperature Control Differences between Inverter and Non-Inverter Type]
Temperature Control Differences between Inverter and Non-Inverter Type
  [Energy Savings] Energy Savings

[Exterior View]  (with Container Box)
Exterior View

  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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