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Acquisition of TSP in Indonesia

Strengthening sales capability for HVAC business in Indonesia with distributor excelling in commercial use equipment

25 July 2013

Daikin Industries, Ltd. acquired PT Tatasolusi Pratama (hereafter referred to as "TSP"), a leading HVAC distributor in the Republic of Indonesia, and has completed all subsequent procedures.

By this acquisition, Daikin intends to leverage TSP's sales network and expertise in the Indonesian commercial HVAC equipment market. Daikin also intends to expand its presence in the commercial market by leveraging TSP's know-how.

Indonesia, with the largest population and economy in the ASEAN region, is a market that is experiencing rapid expansion in infrastructure investment. Also there are many Japanese companies investing in this market. Daikin will accelerate its business in Indonesia beginning with the expansion of sales to local Japanese companies.

Since its creation in June 2012, Daikin's existing subsidiary company in Indonesia, PT. Daikin Airconditioning Indonesia, has demonstrated its prowess in ductless air conditioning products through the steady expansion of sales. With TSP and its advantage in commercial HVAC equipment, Daikin plans a two-company system offering a product lineup ranging from room air conditioners to large-size applied equipment. In strengthening its capability for sales and after sales service, Daikin aims to achieve the No. 1 position in the HVAC business in Indonesia.

Summary of TSP

1) Name PT Tatasolusi Pratama
2) Place of Incorporation Surabaya, East Java, Republic of Indonesia
3) Establishment 1993
4) Areas of business Import, sale, and after sales service of HVAC equipment
5) Employees 170 people (as of end of March 2013)
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