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"CSR Report 2014" for the Daikin Group

24 July 2014

"CSR Report 2014"

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has issued its "CSR Report 2014" summarizing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities in the Daikin Group from April 2013 to March 2014.
This report serves to inform various stakeholders regarding CSR within the Daikin Group and deepen their understanding of activities undertaken by Daikin to achieve it. The report centers on the themes of "Environment," "Quality and Customer Satisfaction," "Human Resources," and "Social Contribution," which are all deemed essential to Daikin.
In the 2014 edition, we provide feature articles on such topics as expansion of the next generation refrigerant R32 to each global region, promotion of activities for female employees, and support for reforestation around the world.
Moreover, Daikin understands that climate change from increases in greenhouse gases is one of the most important social issues to which the company can contribute. For that reason, we are publishing actual results based on action item targets such as for curtailing CO2 emissions by 23 million tons for fiscal year 2013 by promoting the widespread use of energy-efficient air conditioners, particularly in the developing countries where growth is remarkable.
In order to further improve the credibility of environmental performance data, we have received third-party verification for the amount of greenhouse gas emissions since fiscal year 2013.
In September, we plan to publish more detailed information for the "CSR Report 2014" on the Daikin Industries company homepage ( Print editions in both Chinese and English are planned for publication during the same period.

Overview of "CSR Report 2014"

1.Publishing of feature articles including "Contribution to Preservation of the Global Environment" and "Fostering HR"

Environment feature on "expansion of the next generation refrigerant R32 to each global region"

In order to contribute to the protection of the ozone layer and mitigation of global warming, we are working in close cooperation with related government agencies in each country, industry associations, local manufacturers, and others concerning R32 air conditioners which have one-third the global warming potential as we continue to promote their widespread use in each global region.

HR feature on "Diversity project - maximizing the talents of female employees"

We are focusing on support for the success of women as a link to diversity management. Daikin provides training for both managers and female employees to promote a change in awareness and is working to strengthen support for balancing work and childcare.

Social contribution feature on "promotion of sustainable symbiosis for forests and their inhabitants"

One factor in the advance of global warming is the decrease in forest area in the world. Daikin considers the forests that nurture the earth's air to be "nature's air conditioner" and has been working with international NGO on a "reforestation project" in Indonesia since 2008. In addition to planting trees, the project provides support for the coexistence of forests and local residents while confronting such issues as poverty and sanitary living environments.

Reporting on actual results for fiscal year 2013 under the "Environmental Action Plan 2015"

Since fiscal year 2011 we have executed a five-year environmental action plan that makes fiscal year 2015 the final year. In continuation of fiscal year 2012, we have steadily made advancements that include achievement of results exceeding fiscal year 2015 targets for greenhouse gas emissions during production.

Main action item targets and fiscal year 2013 results:

  • 1) [Target] Curtailment of CO2 emissions in developing countries to 30 million tons in FY2015 through widespread use of energy-saving products such as inverter air conditioners
    [Results] FY2013: curtailment of 23 million tons (FY2012: curtailment of 18 million tons)
  • 2) [Target] Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during production in FY2015 to one-third in comparison with emissions for FY2005 (67% reduction)
    [Results] FY2013: 69% reduction (FY2012: 68% reduction)
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