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Daikin's Environmental Education Program Wins Award for Excellence at Career Education Awards Sponsored by METI

December 16, 2014

Daikin Industries, Ltd. received the Award for Excellence at the Career Education Awards sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for its environmental education program "Circle of Life."
The Career Education Awards were established to recommend and promote efforts made by enterprises and economic organizations in industry to support education and extol cases recognized for their excellence. Created in 2010 as a commendation system sponsored by METI, the awards are structured into three divisions: large companies, small- and medium-sized companies, and companies collaborating with local communities. "Circle of Life," Daikin's environmental education program, received the Award for Excellence in the large company division and was selected from among 77 entrants for this fiscal year.
"Circle of Life" is an education program on the environment aimed at elementary school students that presents information on the reforestation project Daikin has been implementing since 2008 on the island of Java, Indonesia, in cooperation with Conservation International (CI), an international non-government organization.
Daikin has been offering educational materials through this program at no cost since 2010 with the aim of raising awareness, thought, and action among children for "the connection between people and nature," "the reliance of Japan's affluent lifestyle on the activities in many countries of the world," and "possibility that children's own actions can also help countries of the world."
In providing assistance in the education of children who will bear the next generation, Daikin hopes to continue contributing in the future for creation of a sustainable society.

[Reference] Circle of Life Environmental Education Program

This is a "Thought Support Type" program that promotes awareness and thinking concerning the "connection" between our own lives and environmental issues occurring in the world.

  • Target: Higher-grade elementary school students
  • Basic lesson style: 45 min. lessons x 5 lesson periods + practical lesson

Lesson 1 Relationship between living things and the environment (45 min. x 1 time period)
Lesson 2 Relationship between forest problems and our lives (45 min. x 2 time periods)
Lesson 3 Relationship with people concerned with forests problems (45 min. x 1 time period)
Lesson 4 Relationship between us and environmental issues (45 min. x 1 time period)
Practical Lesson (optional) School visit by company lecturer (45 min. x 1 time period)

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