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Daikin Exhibit at Design Event "Fuori Salone"

Globally communicating the Daikin brand through contemporary design

4 March 2015

Daikin Airconditioning Italy S.p.A. (located in Milan, Italy), a subsidiary of Daikin Industries, Ltd., will again be presenting an exhibit at "Fuori Salone," one of the world's largest design festivals being held this year from April 14 to 19 in Milan, Italy.

Last year marked the first time for Daikin to participate in the festival, and Daikin received high acclaim for "HOT&COLD," an exhibit that reconsidered the perception of temperature from its foundation in expressing the relationship of "humans and air."

The second-year exhibit this time incorporates the concept of "FUHA", two traditional Japanese onomatopoeic expressions reminiscent of the sound of human breath. "FU" recalls the sound of blowing on something to cool it, while "HA" imitates the sound of exhaling, open-mouthed, to warm something.

As with the exhibit last year, Daikin will partner with Benetton Group's communication research center Fabrica, which is led by its creative director and consultant Mr.Sam Baron, an international designer who bases his activities primarily in Italy. The exhibit will present ten separate representations of installation art* that express the existence of air by sound, weight, and special qualities to enable visitors to experience air, which ordinarily cannot be seen or touched.

Information relating to the exhibit can be found on the "Fuori Salone Special Content" webpage established on the Daikin website.

Though this exhibit, Daikin hopes to give expression to its "strong passion to air" and utilize the event as an opportunity to further promote the Daikin brand globally.

  • * Expression method of contemporary art that places art objects in a designated space to make the entire space a work of art.

Example of Exhibited Artwork

Paper kites represent the capacity of air to give a sense of direction.

Exhibit Overview

Title FUHA-The expression of air
Opening Hours April 14 to 19, 2015
    14-15  11:00 - 18:30
    16       11:00 - 22:00
    17-19  11:00 - 21:00
Venue Foro Bonaparte, 60 Milan (Italy)

Fuori Salone Special Content

Designer Profile


Established in 1994, Fabrica is an experimental, avant-garde communication research center of the Benetton Group. It is comprised of up-and-coming innovators having multicultural backgrounds that were selected from around world. Activities cover a variety of fields including graphic design, communications, photography, interactive art, video, music, journalism, and publishing.

Sam Baron

Creative Director and Consultant of Fabrica
Born in France in 1976, Sam Baron has a degree in Design from the Fine Arts School of Saint Etienne and a post-graduate degree from the National Decorative Arts School of Paris. Baron loves to reinterpret traditional methods of construction, raising questions about the utility of today's material productions. He is an independent designer and consultant for international companies such as Benetton, Louis Vuitton, L'Oréal, Vista Alegre and the French jewellery designer Dinh Van; he creates exhibition and interior design projects, giving life to cross-over works mixing art and design. In January 2009, Baron received the "Grand Prix de la Creation de la Ville de Paris" in the design category and during the 2010 edition of Maison & Objet, Philippe Starck selected him as one of the ten important designers of the next decade. Sam Baron currently lives and works between France, Portugal and Italy where, since 2006, he directs Fabrica's Design Studio.

Fuori Salone

Fuori Salone is one of the world's most highly acclaimed exhibitions of furniture and interiors. Held once a year in April in Milan, Italy, the 2015 exhibition welcomes the 54th anniversary of the event. Not only furniture and interior manufacturers, but companies spanning various other fields also participate, making it a source of leading design talent.

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