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Establishment of Daikin Airconditioning New Zealand Limited

Accelerating business expansion in the region of Asia/Oceania

14 November 2016

Daikin Industries, Ltd., recently established Daikin Airconditioning New Zealand Limited in Auckland, New Zealand, and company operations began in November 2016.

Bolstered by strong personal consumption, the New Zealand economy maintains stable growth of about 3% that is supported by industry centering on agriculture, forestry, and livestock processing, including dairy products and wool, together with tourism. As the population increases with immigration from Asia and a high birthrate and accelerates its migration to urban areas, particularly Auckland, the resulting increase in demand for buildings is anticipated to drive growth in the air conditioning market.

Additionally, because of a utilization rate in New Zealand for renewable energy exceeding 80% and a high awareness for the environment and energy savings, the technology in which Daikin excels, such as inverter and heat pump, is likely to gain wide acceptance. With its globally-cultivated product appeal, Daikin looks to meet the many needs in the local air conditioning market for heating and a variety of individual preferences, including the preference for the stylish designs seen in the European market.

Business in New Zealand before the new subsidiary proceeded through a local branch office of Daikin Australia Pty. Ltd., but with the establishment of this subsidiary Daikin intends to closely monitor market needs and leverage its wide product appeal ranging from residential to commercial use. The new subsidiary in New Zealand corresponds to a Group strategy for further growth of the air conditioning business in the Asia/Oceania region as outlined in the company's Fusion 20 strategic management plan.

Summary of new company

Name Daikin Airconditioning New Zealand Limited
Head Office Auckland, New Zealand
Representative Akihiro Yoshida, President
Capital 500 million yen
Investment Ratio Daikin 100%
Establishment October 2016
Description of Business Sales and after sales of air conditioning equipment and related products
No. of employees 25 people
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