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Fluorine creates unlimited possibilities.
Daikin Industries is the world's foremost manufacturer of fluorochemical products and a leading innovator in the field. Used in a diverse array of industries and applications, our fluorochemical products feature advanced properties such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, water and oil repellency, and lubricity.

Continuous R&D of Fluorine Potential

From being the first in Japan to tackle fluorochemicals in 1933, Daikin has been a pioneer in bringing to the world a wide variety of fluorine compounds such as fluoropolymers, fluoroelastomers, and fluorocarbons using our own unique technology. Leveraging this technology cultivated by our many years of analysis and research, Daikin intends to continue developing new innovative products that generate new beginnings for the future of fluorochemicals and their applications.

Water and Moisture Resistant Coating

This coating is resistant to water and moisture and is environmentally friendly. It dries to becomes a thin film that is only 0.1 micron to 1 micron thick.
Circuit boards can now be protected against water and moisture by simply dipping them in the fluorinated solvent. The coating dries in just over one minute at room temperature, and its benefits take immediate effect.


  • Circuit boards of mobile phone
  • LCD display device
  • Speaker grill

Fluorochemicals Support Renewable Energy and Advanced Technology

The properties of heat resistance, chemical resistance, and water and oil repellency found in Daikin fluorochemical products are already essential materials for use in the fields of automotives and semiconductors. Moreover, applications are rapidly expanding to such fields as energy, telecommunications, and health care. Our technological expertise gained in a wide range of fields and applications allow us to provide the optimal solution to the specific needs of our customers.


Alternative Energy

Application Product (Property)
Solar Cell: Back Sheet Fluoropolymer Film, Fluoro Paint (Weather Resistance)
Lithium Ion Battery Packing Fluoropolymer (Heat and Chemical Resistance)
Fuel Cell Packing Fluoroelastomer (Heat and Chemical Resistance)
Shale Gas Related Equipment Fluoropolymer, Fluroro Paint, Fluoroelastomer, Fluoro Coating Material (Heat and Chemical Resistance)
(Energy Conservation) Roofs of Factories, Building Exterior Wall Infrared Reflective Coating (Weather Resistance and Heat Insulation)
(Energy Conservation) AC Refrigerant HFC32 (Pressure Characteristics)

Telecommunications / IT

Application Product (Property)
Surface Finish for Smartphones, PC Tablets, and Touch Panels (Antifouling, Low Friction, Antireflection) Fluoro Coating Material (Low Friction, Antifouling, Anti-Reflection, Water and Oil Repellency)
Smartphone, PC Tablet, Touch Panel, PCB, and Antenna Wire Fluoropolymer (Low Dielectric Constant, Heat Resistance)
Lithium Ion Battery: Packing Fluoropolymer (Heat and Chemical Resistance)
Mobile Base Station: Cable Fluoropolymer (Low Dielectric Constant, Heat Resistance)


Application Product (Property)
Medical Tubing: Catheter, Indwelling Needle Fluoropolymer (Low-Friction, Non-Adhesive, Chemical Resistant)
Cartridge, Vial Stopper, Syringe Fluoropolymer Film (Low Permeability, Moisture Proof, Non-Adhesive)
Medical Surgical Gown (Non-Woven) Water and Oil Repellency (Alcohol Repellency)
Intermediate for Anesthetic, Anticancer Agent, and Antibacterial Agent Medical Intermediate

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