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1F/3F CHI-NO-MORI People gathering across barriers to collaborate


This shared space enables visitors to the Technology and Innovation Center to hold discussions, deepen collaboration, find partners, and discover possibilities for the future. Innovation is encouraged through the synergy of collaboration. At the adjacent DAIKIN OPEN LAB, new themes for technology development are identified while evaluating the products that emerge from Daikin's advanced technologies.

Auditorium 3FA comfortable sightline promotes audience interaction for all venues including conferences, lectures, and presentations. With seating capacity for 250 people, the Auditorium features simultaneous interpretation equipment (for interpretation in up to four languages).

DAIKIN OPEN LAB. 3FExhibits of Daikin's advanced technologies help visitors learn more about the company and serve as points of departure for collaboration between engineers inside and outside the company and customers.

Dining Hall 3FWith seating capacity for approximately 150 people, the dining hall provides guests with a comfortable, relaxing place to dine together and build strong relationships.

Main Conference Room 1FThe open atmosphere of this multi-purpose conference room encourages candid, unrestricted discussion. Simultaneous interpretation in up to four languages is available.

Daikin Discovery Hall 1FThis hall exhibits the history of Daikin business decisions and development of the products and technologies leading to turning points for the company. Visitors can learn about the engineering DNA, strengths, and corporate culture that have been inherited since the company's founding. The hall helps build the foundation for future collaboration with visitors.

4F/5F Waigaya Stage The office space accelerates internal collaboration.

4F/5F Waigaya Stage

The meeting stage in the center of the office space assists waigaya (collaboration) across divisions and serves as an environment to promote “Fast & Flat” management that accelerates innovation. All the work areas are no further than 30 m (the limit to which people can recognize situations) from the stage.

Rumination Booth/Rumination Room 4FThese rooms are designed for individuals and small groups wishing to concentrate in this open office environment.

Office 4F/5FThe temperature and air in the office space are constantly monitored. Newly developed products are installed for testing. The entire the Technology and Innovation Center serves as a laboratory.

Wellhole 3F/4F/5FAbundant natural light shines in from above to ensure sufficient lighting and conserve energy. The wellhole provides an open atmosphere for the office floors where a large number of people gather.

6F Future LAB Think current efforts from the perspective of creating the future

6F Future LAB

In this open studio space, people from different fields inside and outside the company actively collaborate. Participants engage in active, unrestricted discussions with an eye on the future to create innovation based on a backcasting approach. The Future Lab consists of a studio, prototyping space, open kitchen.

Fellow Rooms 6F

Daikin engineers receive advice from university professors around the world and researchers in different fields or work on theme-based research in small groups to create new ideas. Seven fellow rooms feature different concepts and interior designs to inspire various researchers.

1F ~ 5F Laboratory World-class experiment equipment helps embody innovation.

1F ~ 5F Laboratory

The Laboratory is complete with state-of-the-art equipment and is located next to the Office. Respective laboratories are designed to assist both internal collaboration and collaboration with research institutions and companies inside and outside Japan. Engineers in different areas (e.g. air conditioning, chemistry) work together using the experiment equipment. The Laboratory environment facilitates interaction among engineers to achieve new technology fusion. As the core facility of “Daikin Technology, ” the Laboratory will continue to create and deliver new value for the future.

Chemical LaboratoryDiverse chemical experiments and evaluations can be conducted in this experiment space. The open design enables spontaneous “interaction of knowledge.”

10m Electromagnetic Semi-Anechoic ChamberThis is the first 10m electromagnetic semi-anechoic chamber for air conditioners in Japan. Equipped with a two-stage (upper and lower) large turntable, the chamber enables separate measurement of electromagnetic noise generated by indoor and outdoor units of air conditioners while in operation.


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