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CSR Action Plan 2020

Customer Satisfaction

CSR Action Plan 2020

Provide peace of mind and reliability through a focus on customer orientation, experience, performance, and advanced technologies

About the CSR Initiatives

Provide Customers with the Ultimate Satisfaction

  • Ensure safety and quality
  • Pursue customer satisfaction
2020 Target
Establish a high standard of quality
Establish a service network covering the globe
Grasp worldwide customer needs and pursue high customer satisfaction
Fiscal 2019 Achievements
Progress rate of after-sales services,regarding the base year as 1.00

Japan (Compared to Fiscal 2015)1.14
Spain (Compared to Fiscal 2016)1.12
China (Compared to Fiscal 2018)1.04
India (Compared to Fiscal 2016)1.13
Indonesia (Compared to Fiscal 2017)1.03
Singapore (Compared to Fiscal 2015)1.00
Vietnam (Compared to Fiscal 2015)1.11
Australia (Compared to Fiscal 2015)1.00

We measured how much we improved after-sales service customer satisfaction compared to the base year.


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