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CSR Action Plan 2020

Fundamental CSR

CSR Action Plan 2020

Corporate Governance

Accelerate decision-making and operational execution in response to management tasks and the changing management environment, and raise the level of management transparency and soundness to raise corporate value

About the CSR Initiatives

  • Degree of independence from the company, diversity, and transparency of the Board of Directors (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)
  • Thoroughness of compliance
Fiscal 2019 Achievements
Number of directors who are outside the company, women, and foreign nationals

4 outside directors, 1 female director,
foreign national directors (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)

We measured the diversity of the make-up of directors.

Self-assessment implementation rate


We measured how well we were in compliance through the implementation rate of self assessments.

Respect for Human Rights

Show respect for basic human rights in accordance with all international norms based on the laws and regulations of each country and region

About the CSR Initiatives

  • Thoroughness of respect for human rights
Fiscal 2019 Achievements
Self-assessment implementation rate


We measured how thorough we were in respect for human rights through the implementation rate of self assessments.

Supply Chain Management

Fulfill corporate social responsibility through environmental impact reduction, quality assurance, and occupational safety and health throughout the entire supply chain

About the CSR Initiatives

  • Conduct CSR procurement
Fiscal 2019 Achievements
CSR procurement implementation rate

99 %

We measured the percentage of suppliers that achieved Daikin's in-house standards.

Stakeholder Engagement

Engage in dialogue with all members of society and reflect outside opinions in our business, and continuously examine our actions to ensure that we meet society's demands and expectations

About the CSR Initiatives

  • Engage in dialogue with stakeholders and reflect this dialogue into management
Fiscal 2019 Achievements
Number of air conditioner forums held, number of outside participants

6 forums held in 5 worldwide regions;
participants from 31 countries;
university professors, specialists, etc.

Among the engagement activities, the number of times dialogue was held with key figures from around the world on air conditioning, a core Daikin business.


Respect the culture and history of different countries and regions, and create strong bonds with communities as a good corporate citizen

About the CSR Initiatives

  • Contribution to environmental conservation, education support, and cooperation with the local community
Fiscal 2019 Achievements
Expenditure for social contribution activities

1.5 billion yen

We calculated the monetary amount, through donations, goods, and other ways, that we provided to communities.


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