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CSR Action Plan 2020

New Value Creation

CSR Action Plan 2020

Share dreams and ambitions inside and outside Daikin to realize a healthy, comfortable lifestyle through air

About the CSR Initiatives

Create New Value to Meet the Expectations of Customers and Society

  • Value Creation for the Earth
  • Value Creation for Cities
  • Value Creation for People
2020 Target
Use IoT and AI for open innovation that creates new value

<Six Sustainable Development Goals Daikin Is Contributing to through Its Business>

Fiscal 2017 Achievements
R&D expenditure

62.1 billion yen

Number of patent applications

Japanese applications: 780
Overseas applications: 352
(FY2016) (Daikin Industries, Ltd. only)

We measured how much we invested in value creation and how many new technologies we came up with.


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