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Human Resources

Labor Management Relations

Basic Policy

Daikin Industries, Ltd. believes that cooperative labor management relations are the foundation of company management. We therefore place the utmost emphasis on equality of labor and management, as well as mutual trust between both sides. Our stance has, and always will be, to face the truth in solving all problems, and to speak frankly and draw clear lines between what is and what is not possible.

Except for managers and some contract employees, 86.5% at Daikin Industries, Ltd. is a union member. The company holds frank discussions with the labor union. As soon as business plans are clarified, management holds a meeting where it explains these plans to the labor union. In fiscal 2017, there were 18 such meetings held at the head office. Participants discussed topics including boosting efforts to improve the quality of work. Meetings were held at branches as needed.

Employee working conditions and status are matters discussed between labor and management, with results of these discussions promptly reported to employees of the various divisions.

Respecting the Rights of Workers

Specification in Work Regulations and Agreements and Publicizing of Respect for Workers Rights

At Daikin Industries, Ltd., we believe that the company should respect its employees as individuals and strive to improve their welfare, and that employees should fulfill their duties as workers. The principle of respect for the rights of the worker is specified in work regulations and labor agreements.

To ensure understanding of workers' rights, we give a thorough explanation of the work regulations and labor agreement to new employees when they join the company, and the labor union also conducts similar education of employees.

Dialogue with Employees

Hearings for Employees to Improve Working Conditions

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has about 10 hearings a year with at least 3% of its employees (approximately 240 employees). Salary negotiations are held between labor and management with consideration for factors including company performance, operational issues, world trends, and the work of the labor union. Interviewing each employee based on these factors results in that person receiving a salary that both sides agree is fair under the circumstances.

Besides salary, employees are also given hearings when there are matters to report from the company, such as new fiscal year policies, budget and performance reports, and a message from the president at bonus time. Other ways that we hold dialogue with employees include meetings between managers and their workers during announcement of annual targets and employee evaluations. Listening to frank employee opinions ensures that we can continuously improve labor-management relations.


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