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Environmental Management

Green Heart Factories and Offices

Environmental Management

Green Heart Factories

Certifying Environmentally Conscious Plants Based on In-House Standards

Since fiscal 2005, Daikin has utilized in-house standards for evaluating and certifying environmentally conscious plants for their environmental and social performance.

In fiscal 2017, we revised these standards to elevate these efforts to a higher level. In addition to the standards used up to now focused on whether environmental activities, including mechanisms for the participation of all employees and organization-wide countermeasures were deployed throughout the organization, we established criteria whereby organizations attaining 150 or more points out of a possible 200 are deemed "Green Heart Factories" and established a certification ranking system consisting of platinum, gold, silver and bronze categories.

As of the end of fiscal 2017, 24 bases in Japan and overseas had been certified as gold (two bases), silver (10 bases) and bronze (12 bases).

Green Heart Offices

"Green Heart Office" Initiative

Daikin began the "Green Heart Office" initiative in fiscal 2011 to improve environmental consciousness at non-production bases. In fiscal 2014 we created a Green Heart Office checklist, which includes a graph with "reduce resource usage" on the vertical axis, and the items "awareness" and "contribution" on the horizontal axis.

In addition, we created the three ranks of Gold Class, Silver Class, and Bronze Class. This allows us to make comparative assessments among bases. We have set a target of achieving Gold Class for major non-production bases by 2020, and in fiscal 2016 all major bases achieved Bronze Class. In fiscal 2017, we will continue efforts to achieve at least Bronze Class for all bases and increase the number of bases in the Silver or Gold Class.


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