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Fiscal 2014 Key Activities

Human Resources: Diversity Promotion. Hiring and Training Human Resources Capable of Succeeding Anywhere in the World.

Why is it Important?

Outstanding International Employees Help Daikin Globalize Management

The Daikin Group is a global company that has more than 70% of net sales coming from outside Japan and 80% of employees working outside Japan.

Against this background, we understand the importance of diversity management: utilizing employees from different countries with unique personalities and a wide range of values in order to spur innovation and make Daikin more internationally competitive.

One of the core strategies of our Fusion 15 strategic management plan is to enhance human resource capabilities. It is crucial that we continue to turn out human resources of numerous nationalities who can drive business growth anywhere in the world so that the Daikin Group can enjoy ongoing growth and advancement. That is why hiring and training globally capable human resources is one of the top priorities for Daikin.

Daikin overseas sales as % of total 74%. Daikin employees working outside Japan as % of total 80%.



Aggressive Worldwide Efforts to Hire Globally Capable Human Resources

Daikin Industries has for years striven to hire human resources capable of working successfully anywhere in the world. This includes both Japanese who have done internships or otherwise studied in other countries, and foreign nationals who have studied at Japanese universities.

Daikin Group companies outside Japan are also hiring local nationals who have studied or worked in other countries.

The race among companies to hire new talent is sure to intensify, as these companies need to hire and train outstanding human resources of varying nationalities who can work successfully anywhere in the world. Since fiscal 2009, we have been holding global HR conferences, where human resource managers from Daikin in Japan and overseas look into hiring and training practices that take advantage of the Group’s global strengths. This is one way that we are linking representatives of the Daikin Group worldwide to improve the way we hire and train human resources.



International Internships for Deepening Understanding

Since 2012, Daikin Industries has been working with Daikin Airconditioning India Pvt. Ltd. to hire graduates of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) (Bombay and Delhi), which turn out some of the world’s top science-based human resources.

Many of the leading companies in North America and Europe also visit IITs to recruit talent. On career days at the institutes attended by companies, it is normal for students and companies to agree to employment right after the interviews. Making such quick employment decisions, however, may cause some misunderstandings for both Daikin, which hires on the understanding of long-term employment, and for Indian students, who are leaving their home country and may face unexpected problems along the way. To avoid these misunderstandings, Daikin Industries and managers at Daikin Airconditioning India decided on a two-month internship in Japan for third-year Indian students during their summer break. After experiencing work at Daikin in Japan, including learning about product development and other process, as well as life in Japan and Daikin’s corporate culture, the students share their goals with Daikin Industries and both sides decide whether they are willing to enter into a work agreement.

As a result of this process, over the past three years seven graduates of IITs have joined Daikin Industries.

Collaborative Hiring Among Group Companies

Joint seminar hosted by Daikin bases in Malaysia, Australia, and Japan.

Joint seminar hosted by Daikin bases in Malaysia, Australia, and Japan.

Since fiscal 2009, our air conditioner manufacturing base in Malaysia, O.Y.L. Manufacturing Company Sdn. Bhd., has been collaborating on hiring with Daikin Australia Pty., Ltd. and Daikin Industries. Because many Southeast Asian students who study in Australia have a good command of language and are capable of thinking outside the box, we have been hiring these students at universities in Sydney, Australia. During their summer break at university, these students do internships at O.Y.L. Manufacturing in Malaysia where their duties include international business planning. During this time it can be determined whether these students have career goals in line with the direction of O.Y.L. Manufacturing, and the company can thus hire those who desire to grow with it.

We have also begun collaborations with Daikin companies in the U.S., Europe, and China aimed at global human resource hiring.



Focusing on Training Globally Capable Human Resources

Daikin bases stress post-hiring training so that through their work employees can hone their global thinking, take on new challenges, and continue growing with the company.

Since 1999, we have dispatched 194 young Japanese Daikin employees to undergo practical training at overseas bases in 21 countries. In May 2015, we launched a similar training program in which young Daikin employees from other countries come to undergo training in Japan.

We plan to expand these efforts by having overseas bases collaborate in human resource exchanges and training so that we can foster people with the experience and skills to work for Daikin anywhere in the world.

Practical training for overseas Daikin Group employee in Japan started

Practical training for overseas Daikin Group employee in Japan started

Number of Daikin Japanese employees who have trained overseas 194

Stakeholder's comment

Learning From Each Other Helps Us Grow Together

There are currently two Indian nationals working in my group. They are here in Japan to learn about the highest level of manufacturing technologies and they are passionate about making these technologies benefit the rest of the world. That is why they work diligently to acquire every possible bit of knowledge and skill. With their advanced scientific knowledge, they provide stimulus for myself and the other employees through insightful questions that give us new opportunities to improve.

They also help make us more globally minded and capable because our young Japanese employees, who may work at Daikin overseas bases in the future, are trying hard to communicate smoothly with them despite the language and cultural differences.

Tetsuya Yamamoto Senior Engineer Development Reliability Group, Air Conditioning Manufacturing Division

Tetsuya Yamamoto Senior Engineer Development Reliability Group, Air Conditioning Manufacturing Division


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