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Fiscal 2015 Customer Satisfaction

Providing Products that Make Customers Happy in Turkey’s Growing MarketGiving Customers a Selection of Products That Meets Their Future Needs


Developing Products and Providing Information in Response to Customer Needs

The Miyora model employs a simply designed panel that proved popular with Turkish consumers

The Miyora model employs a simply designed panel
that proved popular with Turkish consumers

The Daikin Group continuously steps up its worldwide marketing research functions and uses customer opinions to improve R&D and services.

A local market survey by Daikin Isıtma ve Soğutma Sistemleri San. Tic. A.Ş. (Daikin Turkey) found that customers like modern-looking interiors, so the company introduced a new model especially for the Turkish market that featured a newly designed indoor unit. Called Miyora, this fiscal 2015 model won the Good Design Award.

Turkey’s burgeoning economic growth is spurring rapid expansion of the air conditioning market. But the use of air conditioners in family homes has only begun to spread in the past few years. Since Turkish homes have varying room sizes and ceiling heights, it was difficult to choose an appropriate capacity of air conditioner. Another issue was that many customers said they didn’t understand the effect of functions other than cooling; for example, functions related to energy efficiency, humidifying and dehumidifying, and air sterilization.

Daikin Turkey wanted to offer air conditioner customers more than just cooling; they wanted to offer environmental benefits, comfort, and convenience as well. So it began providing customers with more extensive information, knowing that selecting the optimal air conditioner size and energy efficiency doesn’t just save electricity expenses but also helps protect the environment. The company conveyed the benefits of certain functions; for example, how humidity control prevents over-cooling to contribute to health and comfort. As a result of this information, customers have been better able to choose suitable products for them.



Revamped Website and Catalogs Promote Better Customer Understanding

Daikin Turkey strives to provide information on its website that makes it easier for customers to select the best air conditioner for their needs.

For example, the website has a product search program in which customers input information about the room where the air conditioner is to be installed. The program automatically calculates the necessary air conditioner capacity and displays a list of relevant models. Customers can also search by price and energy-efficiency ranking, making it easier for them to get the information that is relevant to them.

Product catalogs have undergone a drastic overhaul in order to give customers comprehensive information on product features such as quality and functions.

For example, to clearly explain the no-water-supply humidification function on Ururu Sarara, there are diagrams of the function’s mechanism, explanations of the need for humidification and the comfort provided by humidity control, and data and photographs on the benefits of air sterilization and other functions.

Product Search Program on Website

Product Search Program on Website
Users input information such as how a room is used, its ceiling height, number of windows and which direction they face, and the city they live in, and the program automatically calculates the air conditioner capacity and models that are right for them.

The improved, easy-to-understand catalog uses data and photographs.

The improved, easy-to-understand catalog uses data and photographs.


Developing Human Resources Dedicated to Helping Customers Choose Satisfactory Products

Customers Experience Products at fuha:ISTANBUL

Daikin’s worldwide showrooms display state-of-the-art products and solutions that give customers a reference point from which to select their Daikin air conditioner. June 2015 marked the opening of fuha:ISTANBUL, where customers can not only see air conditioners but also experience firsthand the air provided by Daikin air conditioners. Although the majority of visitors are dealers and construction companies, Daikin Turkey makes the showroom accessible to end-users as well. By providing firsthand experience of functions and effects, the showroom is also a place to gather opinions on Daikin products.

fuha:ISTANBUL is promoting understanding of product performance among dealers and distributors

fuha:ISTANBUL is promoting understanding of product performance among dealers and distributors

Training Helps Dealers and Distributors Convey Information from the Customers Viewpoint

To allow customers to select products they are convinced about and satisfied with, it is first necessary for sales representatives to understand products and offer customers quality solutions and service. Daikin Turkey runs the Daikin Turkey Academy to train not only its own employees but those of dealers and distributors as well. The academy improves the skills of participants through a wide range of training held in major Turkish cities and surrounding countries; for example, training in sales products, service, and foreign language training.

In fiscal 2016, Daikin Turkey plans to train approximately 1,500 participants from dealers and distributors in Daikin’s flagship energy-efficient products, using newly published catalogs as reference materials. The company also offers courses on subjects including the ErP Directive and energy labeling, and the LEED green building energy certification program, as part of efforts to work with dealers and distributors in responding promptly to customers’ increasingly advancing environmental needs.

At the Daikin Turkey Academy, participants learn about HFC-32 refrigerant.

At the Daikin Turkey Academy, participants learn about HFC-32 refrigerant.



Help Both Customers and the Environment by Raising Awareness of Energy-Efficient Products

Daikin Turkey is working to increase its strength in planning and proposals in order to help customers choose energy-efficient air conditioners with confidence. The company wants customers to be satisfied with benefits such as comfort and economy, but it also wants to spread the use of environmentally conscious products so that the air conditioner market will have less of an impact on the environment.

New, Easy-to-Understand Catalog Helps Convince Our Customers of Daikin Quality

In Turkey, we often visit customers’ houses to help them select an air conditioner. Catalogs are an indispensable part of this process. The latest Daikin product catalog uses illustrations and photographs to show the necessity and effectiveness of air conditioner functions. It helps customers not wellversed in air conditioners understand the products and allows them to ask more detailed questions. This makes the catalog a valuable tool for enhancing communication. The catalog explains Daikin’s track record and technological prowess and thus helps convince customers that Daikin air conditioners are well worth the price.

Mira Demir President, Koneva Mühendislik (Daikin dealer)

Mira Demir
President, Koneva Mühendislik (Daikin dealer)


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