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Corporate Governance

Free Competition and Fair Business Dealings

Basic Policy

Ensuring thorough legal compliance and conducting fair business practices

Based on our Group Conduct Guidelines, which state that we conduct free competition and fair business dealings, Daikin conducts fair business practices.

Group Conduct Guidelines

2. Free Competition and Fair Trading

We shall observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to fair competition and fair trade of each country and region, including antimonopoly laws. Furthermore, we shall conduct fair sales and procurement activities based on proper corporate ethics and in accordance with sound business practices and social norms.

Daikin Industries, Ltd. strives to always comply with laws on antimonopoly, misleading representations, and subcontracting.For example, annual training plans are made based on the needs of each division. As necessary, we assign experts such as lawyers and employees in the legal department as instructors for these division-based training courses. In this way, communication with each division ensures the most effective training. At the same time, self assessments include checks that relevant laws are being obeyed.


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