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Daikin's Sustainability

Problems such as climate change and changing demographics are presenting our advancing global society with many challenges.
Daikin aims to contribute to sustainable growth for the world by solving social problems and providing society with new value.


What kind of company is Daikin?

We are a global company that operates on the three business pillars of air conditioning, chemicals, and filters.

Basic Management Policy

Corporate Policies

1. Absolute Credibility
2. Enterprising Management
3. Harmonious Personal Relation

Our Group Philosophy, People-Centered Management

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Strategic Management Plan


Co‒create New Value in
the Air and
Environment Fields
with Wisdom and Passion

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Daikin's Three Business Pillars

Daikin's Three Business Pillars

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How does Daikin think society can solve its problems?

The world faces many problems, and to solve these will require that all stakeholders, whether from government, industry, or other parts of society, work together to create globally linked frameworks.

Outlook for Global Risk

Extreme weather events and temperatures Natural disasters Failures of climate change mitigation and adaptation Cyber attacks Water crises
Extreme weather events and temperatures Natural disasters
Failures of climate change mitigation and adaptation Cyber attacks
Water crises  

Source: World Economic Forum Global Risks Perception Survey 2017-2018

International Framework

Paris Agreement to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

All major greenhouse-gas emitting countries, including emerging countries, shall reduce their emissions in order to limit global warming by less than 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels by the latter half of this century

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Common goals to find solutions by 2030 for pressing world problems such as poverty, inequality, and climate change in order to realize a sustainable society

Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol

The Kigali Amendment mandates to phase down the production and consumption of HFCs in CO2-equivalent in order to mitigate their impact on global warming

U.N. Global Compact

A worldwide framework for achieving sustainable growth by having member companies recognize universal values in relation to issues such as human rights, labor, environment, and corruption


What kind of value does Daikin provide to society?

Daikin's Aims for Value Creation

Provide new value that makes people and space healthier and more comfortable while at the same time reducing environmental impact.

Value Creation for the Earth

Reduce environmental impact through all business activities and contribute to alleviating climate change

  • Further raise the environmental performance of products
  • Make effective use of resources
  • Protect forests and help sustain their inherent functions
Work toward sustainable development goals (SDGs)
Value Creation for Cities

Contributing to solving energy-related issues arising from urbanization and contribute to the creation of sustainable cities

  • Effectively use energy throughout entire buildings and entire cities
  • Build systems for recycling-based societies
  • Create new types of energy
Work toward sustainable development goals (SDGs)
Value Creation for People

Pursue new possibilities for air and contribute to healthy, comfortable lifestyles

  • Protect people from heatstroke and infectious diseases
  • Protect people's health from atmospheric pollution
  • Improve indoor environments to support people's comfortable and affluent lifestyles
  • Raise productivity to contribute to economic advancement
Work toward sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Human Resource Development Supports Value Creation

Foster human resources who spur innovation and who spread newly created value around the world.

Contribute to the growth of employees and local citizens
  • Training of highly skilled personnel
  • Job creation
  • Contribution to local economic development
  • Creation of new products and services that help raise people's lifestyles

What is Daikin doing about these problems?

Based on Our Group Philosophy, which is the unifying force for our management, we create and implement proposals for Group action in five-year cycles under our Fusion strategic management plans. In fiscal 2018, we formulated Daikin Environmental Vision 2050 in order to contribute to solving increasingly serious global environmental problems over the long term. Based on this environmental vision, we set targets and implement measures under our Fusion strategic management plans with the goal of contributing to a sustainable society by taking on the world's problems through our business

Daikin's Aims for Value Creation
Daikin's Aims for Value Creation

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