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Value Provision Themes
Customer Satisfaction


Providing Peace of Mind and Reliability through a Focus on Customer Orientation, Experience, Performance, and Advanced Technologies

Why is it important?

It is our social mission as a manufacturer to provide safe and high-quality products and services that meet the diversifying needs of our customers.

Daikin's Approach

We strive to ensure safety and high quality in all processes from product design to manufacturing, sales and after-sales service by anticipating customers’ future wants.

Sustainability Targets and Results

Elevate customer value by connecting with customers and providing detailed proposals in response to the needs of each vertical market

●Net sales of Air Conditioning Solutions business

We used net sales to measure the extent to which we provide solutions tailored to needs

Medium-Term Targets

560 billion yen in fiscal 2023

Fiscal 2021 Achievements

500 billion yen

●Customer satisfaction with after-sales services

We measured customer satisfaction (setting the base year as 1.00)

Medium-Term Targets

Establish service network
covering all regions worldwide

Fiscal 2021 Achievements

Japan: 1.14 
China: 1.04
India: 1.19 
France: 1.02


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