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Value Provision Themes


Introduce State-of-the-art Technologies to the Market in Order to Address Environmental and Energy Issues

Why is it important?

Since air conditioners consume a large amount of electricity, we have an important social obligation to fulfill the environment as the world's only manufacturer that develops both air conditioners and refrigerants.

Daikin's Approach

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment throughout the value chain. We place particular emphasis on the impact of our products on climate change and aim to achieve net-zero emissions of greenhouse gas by 2050.

Sustainability Targets and Results

Reduce net greenhouse gas emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of our products in an effort to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

●Net greenhouse gas emissions from our own business operations (compared to BAU, with 2019 as the base year)

We measured how much we reduced net greenhouse gas emissions from our own business operations.

Medium-Term Targets

Fiscal 2025
Reduction by 30% or more

Fiscal 2021 Achievements


10% reduction

●Greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing

We measured how much we reduced greenhouse gas emissions generated from product manufacturing and other processes.

Medium-Term Targets

Fiscal 2025
1.2million tons-CO2

Fiscal 2021 Achievements


1.16million tons-CO2
(36% reduction compared to fiscal 2015)


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