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Foundational Themes
Corporate Governance


Accelerate decision-making and operational execution in response to management tasks and the changing management environment, and raise the level of management transparency and soundness to raise corporate value

Why is it important?

The importance of corporate governance as a check function for management is increasing amid the growing social responsibilities of companies driven by changes in business values and globalization. To strengthen corporate governance, companies must not only avoid risk and prevent scandals, but also support improved profitability and medium- to long-term value along with sustainable growth, which will also protect the interests of stakeholders.

Daikin's Approach

Daikin recognizes that the role fulfilled by corporate governance will help to increase corporate value by promoting a balance between forward-looking/speedier decision making and operational execution and tireless upgrading of transparency and soundness in response to the Group's management tasks and surrounding environment. As a result, we increased the number of outside directors by one to four in June 2020, making the ratio of outside directors over one-third. In this manner, we are working to further upgrade management and strengthen the board's supervision functions.


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