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1) FUSION Concept

  • FUSION is a strategic management plan that defines the five-year development of the Daikin Group based on Our Group Philosophy and an assessment of the current situation.
  • Quantitative targets are established three years in the future as part of the implementation plan.
  • With an emphasis on management innovation, including structural reforms, goals are set for five years in the future.

2) Meaning of FUSION

  • Both short-term profitability and long-term growth
  • Collaborations among Group companies world wide
  • Partnerships with non-Group companies
  • Cross-divisional activities overcoming organizational barriers
  • Joint activities across R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after sales service, etc.

3) Past FUSION

Fusion 21 (FY1995 to FY2000)

Together with reforming our revenue base by eliminating unprofitable businesses through profit and loss management according to SBU, streamlining indirect departments, and reducing production costs, we accelerated development of our global operations to establish a foundation for future growth.

Fusion 05 (FY2001 to FY2005)

Together with achieving the global No. 2 position in our main businesses by expanding our share of the Japanese air conditioning market and expanding our overseas business ratio, we built a business foundation to expand future growth to reach a target of 1 trillion yen in market capitalization.

Fusion 10 (FY2006 to FY2010)

Together with accelerating M&A, including the acquisitions of O.Y.L Industries to expand business in North America and ROTEX to expand the heating business in Europe, Daikin focused on expanding environment-related businesses such as the alliance with Gree Electric Appliances to promote our inverter strategy.

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