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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] January 19, 2004
Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Public Relations Department
Explosion at Daikin Kashima Factory

OSAKA, January 19, 2004 - Daikin Industries, LTD. issued the following statement today:

At 8:07 a.m. on January 13, 2004, there was an explosion at the Daikin factory in Kashima, Ibaraki, Japan. The incident occurred at the production plant for tetrafluoroethylene, a building block for fluorocarbon polymer.

Three people, two Daikin employees and an employee of a supplier, sustained minor injuries during the explosion. There were no other injuries. No hazardous emissions were generated from the incident.

Daikin established an emergency response headquarters on the premises of the Kashima Factory following the explosion. We have also initiated a thorough investigation of the incident, and are Pressure Gas Safety Law, which regulates production of TFE.

Daikin will draw on its warehouse inventories and production at our other plants to meet our supply commitments to our customers.

Daikin sincerely regrets any inconvenience or disruption this incident may have caused, particularly to the residents of Kashima or its businesses.

To minimize any impact on the company's business for the fiscal year ending March 2004, all Group companies will make every effort to achieve the original targets in accordance with the measures mentioned above.

  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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