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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] November 9, 2005
Notice Regarding Higher Midterm Dividend and Revised Year-end Dividend
Projection for Term Ending March 2006

1. Reason for upward revision of dividend projection
Regarding returns to shareholders, Daikin Industries has set a goal for the foreseeable future of a 2.0% consolidated dividend rate for stockholder's equity and has achieved stable dividend returns.
Regarding the current midterm dividend, in view of today's disclosure of company fiscal performance, the midterm dividend per share shall be increased by 2 yen from the previous projection, to 11 yen per share.
In addition, as continued favorable business performance in the current term is expected, the year-end dividend per share projection shall also be increased by 2 yen from the previous projection, to 11 yen per share.
Thus the annual dividend per share is now projected to be 22 yen.
Daikin Industries will continue to reform its management structure and accelerate initiatives to meet various challenging issues in order to continue providing stable returns for all shareholders.

2. Details of revisions
  Mid term Year-end Annual
Previous projection
(Announced May 12, 2005)
9 yen 9 yen 18 yen
Current revision 11 yen 11 yen
22 yen
Previous term performance
(March 2005)
7 yen 11 yen
(Including 2 yen
dividend per share marking 80th anniversary)
18 yen

  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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