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• News releases and reference materials dating from 2001 are available below.
• The content of the news releases is accurate as of the date of the release and may not reflect current conditions.
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Financial Information 9 November The Interim Financial Results Highlights ended September 30, 2005
Financial Information 9 November Regarding Higher Midterm Dividend and Revised Year-end Dividend Projection for Term Ending March 2006
Management Strategy 9 November Withdrawal from Oil Hydraulic Multi-tier Parking System Business
Community Contribution Activities 13 September Donation to Provide Relief to Hurricane Katrina Victim
Financial Information 1 August Notice of Additional Details Regarding Stock Options
Financial Information 4 July Notice of Purchase of Treasury Stock on the Market
Financial Information 29 June Notice of Details of Granting of Stock Options
Financial Information 12 May Notice of Intention to Purchase Treasury Stock
Financial Information 12 May Notice of Grant of Stock Options
Air Conditioners 28 April Establishment of Moscow Representative Office for Entry to the Russian Air Conditioning Market
Fluorochemicals 14 April Daikin and Dow Corning Announce Fluorosilicone Technology Collaboration
Air Conditioners 7 April Committed to the Chinese Community: Full Launch of Daikin's Social Contribution Activities
Air Conditioners 7 April Opening of D-Solution Plaza Shanghai, China's First Large-scale Air-Conditioning Equipment Showroom
Fluorochemicals 10 February Kashima Plant Resumes Complete Operations


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