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• News releases and reference materials dating from 2001 are available below.
• The content of the news releases is accurate as of the date of the release and may not reflect current conditions.
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Management Strategy 13 November Announcement of the conclusion of Mandatory General Offer
Management Strategy 26 October Announcement of the period of Mandatory General Offer
Management Strategy 5 October Commencement of O.Y.L. Acquisition
Management Strategy 27 July Progress of proposed acquisition for O.Y.L.Industries, Bhd by Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Sustainability(EnvironmentEContributions) 18 July Daikin Air Conditioning Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Certified as a Vocational Training Center for the Handicapped in Shanghai
Organization 30 June 1st Bon Festival at Daikin Europe N.V.
Management Strategy 26 June FUSION 10
Air Conditioners 30 May 11th Sales Affiliate in Europe with Establishment of Daikin Air Conditioning Greece S.A.
Management Strategy 18 May Daikin to Acquire Global Air-Conditioning Manufacturer OYL Industries
Management Strategy 18 May Regarding Today's News Report by Some Media
Financial Information 10 May Financial Results Highlights ended March 31, 2006
Management Strategy 10 May Announcement of the Company's Basic Policy Regarding Persons Who Control the Company's Decisions on Financial Matters and Business Policies (DSR Policy)
Financial Information 3 April Daikin Industries 2006 New Employee Entrance Ceremony Address by Chairman and CEO Noriyuki Inoue "Challenge to Achieve Great Gains Through People and Organizational Strength"


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