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• News releases and reference materials dating from 2001 are available below.
• The content of the news releases is accurate as of the date of the release and may not reflect current conditions.
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Fluorochemicals 21 December Elimination of PFOA in Fluorochemical Products
Management Strategy 4 October Daikin to produce container refrigeration units in China
Management Strategy 21 September Daikin and Arkema Establish Joint Venture in Asia Specializing in New Air-conditioning Refrigerants
Management Strategy 3 July DAIKIN and Dow Corning introduce Unidyne™TG-5521 for fabric repellency and softness
Management Strategy 28 June Release of the Daikin Group "CSR Report 2007"
Organization 19 June Transfer of Corporate Officers, Organizational Reforms
Fluorochemicals 5 June Daikin Industries and LANXESS Deutschland jointly develop the world's first water-based fluoropolymer coating material which is environmentally friendly and has superior anti-stain and weather-resisting properties
Management Strategy 29 May Restructuring for OYLIndustries Group companies' Capital framework
Financial Information 14 May Financial Results Highlights ended March 31, 2007
Financial Information 14 May Notice Concerning the Acquisition of Treasury Stock
Fluorochemicals 25 April Daikin Introduces New Fluorine Antifouling Additive for UV Cure Coatings "OPTOOL DAC" Delivering Excellent Easy-Clean Property for Dirt and Fingerprints on Display Panel
Management Strategy 13 April Establishment of Daikin Airconditioning Netherlands B.V. The 12th Air-conditioning Sales Company in Europe
Fluorochemicals 4 April Daikin Industries to market Ftone AT-100 - A new fluoropolymer coating material with superior anti-stain properties that can be applied to a wide range of substrates
Management Strategy 2 April Daikin Industries, Ltd. 2007 New Employee Entrance Ceremony Address by Chairman and CEO Noriyuki Inoue
Management Strategy 30 March Establishment of Turkey Office in Istanbul Aiming for Sales Expansion in the Turkish Air-conditioning Market
Management Strategy 19 January Completion of Acquisition for O.Y.L.Industries Berhad


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