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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] May 19, 2010
Establishment of the Daikin McQuay Solutions Plaza in the New York Area
To Exhibit Cutting-Edge, Large-Scale Air Conditioning Equipment

In a company first, McQuay International, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Industries, Ltd., opened the Daikin McQuay Solutions Plaza showroom for large-scale air conditioning equipment (applied air conditioning) on Tuesday, May 18th (Wednesday, May 19th in Japan). The Solutions Plaza, located in the New York metropolitan area of Jersey City, New Jersey, represents an investment of 3.2 million dollars (approx. 300 million yen). With the establishment of this exhibition facility in the eastern region of the United States, McQuay International aims to further strengthen sales and promote greater awareness of its cutting-edge products among leading construction companies, architectural firms, and engineers concentrated in the area.

The showroom spans a site of 750 square meters and exhibits the latest in large-scale air conditioning equipment including air-cooled chillers and the same general purpose air conditioning equipment (self-contained air conditioners) being delivered to 1 World Trade Center.(*)

Along with knowledgeable personnel to provide guided tours, the Solutions Plaza features a seminar room to deliver lectures on the latest HVAC technology to architects and HVAC engineers as well as to interactively showcase the latest technology of Daikin Group.

When Daikin Industries acquired the OYL Group in January 2007, Daikin also acquired OYL's subsidiary McQuay, the world's number four company in large-scale air conditioners (applied) market. As a result of this acquisition, Daikin has been actively promoting business development to global applied markets. In May 2009, Daikin completed construction in the United States of the Daikin McQuay Applied Development Center, a research and testing facility, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, for large-scale commercial air conditioning equipment. Since its establishment, Daikin has been tackling new product development of applied equipment providing the type of outstanding energy savings that is currently in high demand worldwide.

Applied air conditioning relates to air conditioning systems that offer equipment that can be customized by application within a system having the ability to control entire facilities. To precisely meet the diverse needs of customers, close consultation with customers is essential. Because actual products could previously only be demonstrated at its factory in Minneapolis, McQuay International saw the need to actively promote its products to a wider circle of customers. Recognizing the preeminence of New York in the world as a leader in commerce and architecture where movers and shakers congregate, locating the showroom in the New York metropolitan area seemed a natural choice.

To increase market share in the large cities of the region, offices were established adjacent to the Solutions Plaza to provide operation equipment and a fortified service team that is also skilled in after sales services and maintenance. Through these efforts, business development in the North American air conditioning market, the largest applied market in the world, is expected to proceed forward and provide momentum toward Daikin's realization of the global No. 1 position in air conditioning.

Incidentally, the applied business for both Japan and global overseas markets has been unified within Daikin Industries under the control of the Applied Solutions Division, which was recently established on May 1st. This division will be responsible for not only equipment sales but will also aim for further development of the Solutions business that includes after sales services, maintenance, and servicing.

  (*)Main building of the new World Trade Center under construction.

[Summary of Daikin McQuay Solution Plaza]
1) Facility Name : Daikin McQuay Applied Solutions Plaza
Total area 3,000m2 (Office:1,400m2; Exhibition space: 750m2)
2) Location : Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
3) Main Products Exhibited : Air Cooled Chiller, Air Handler etc.
4) Amount of investment : approx. 3.2 million dollars (approx 300 million yen)

[Summary of McQuay International]
1) Company Name : McQuay International, Inc.
2) Location
   Overseas Offices
   Plants and Factories
: Plymouth, Minnesota, USA (Head Office)
North America, Latin America
Faribault, Minnesota, USA, Owatonna, Minnesota, USA, Auburn, New York, USA, Staunton, Virginia, USA, Dayton, Ohio, USA, Tlalnepantla, Mexico Checchina, Italy, Cramlington, United Kingdom, Wuhan, China, Shenzhen, China, Suzhou, China
3) Representative : Katsuhiko Takagi, Chairman of the Board and CEO
4) Founded : 1924
5) Area of Business : Manufacturing and sales of large-scale air conditioning equipment
6) Number of employees : 3563 people (March 2010)


  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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