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• News releases and reference materials dating from 2001 are available below.
• The content of the news releases is accurate as of the date of the release and may not reflect current conditions.
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Financial Information 12 November Financial Results for the First Half in Sep. 2010
Management Strategy 28 September Daikin and Nippon Valqua Form Capital Alliance for Fluoropolymer Business in China
Financial Information 5 August Financial Results ended June30, 2010
Environmental Activities 28 June "CSR Report 2010" for the Daikin Group
Management Strategy 24 June Launch of Daikin Altherma for Apartment Buildings and Collective Housing
Air-to-Water Heat Pump System for Heating, Cooling, and Domestic Hot Water in the European Market
Management Strategy 17 June Daikin Europe Begins European Net Zero Energy Project:
"Crossing Borders in Germany with Cooperative Project To Construct Net Zero Energy Office for Energy Balance"
Management Strategy 19 May Establishment of the Daikin McQuay Solutions Plaza in the New York Area
Financial Information 13 May Financial Results for FY 2009
Fluorochemicals 7 May [Reference information] Daikin/Arkema Joint Venture Company Starts Production of New Refrigerant In China
Financial Information 8 February Financial Results has been updated
Fluorochemicals 28 January Production Increase of 4 Times Current Rate for OPTOOL DSX
- Meets Need for Protecting Surfaces from Fingerprint Smudges -


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