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CORPORATE NEWS [latest news list] July 20, 2011
"CSR Report 2011" for the Daikin Group

 "CSR Report 2011"

Daikin Industries, Ltd. has issued its "CSR Report 2011" summarizing CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities in the Daikin Group from April 2010 to March 2011.

This report serves to inform various stakeholders regarding CSR within the Daikin Group and deepen their understanding of activities undertaken by Daikin to achieve it. The report centers on the themes of "Environment," "Quality and Customer Satisfaction," "Human Resources," and "Social Contribution" which are all deemed essential to Daikin.

Together with incorporating a management strategy that aims to balance expansion of business with contribution to global environmental issues in the top priority theme "Environment," we are also working to draft a mid-term environmental action plan issued every five years. Fiscal 2010 became the turning point and final year for the Environmental Action Plan 2010. As a result of tackling as a global group, we were largely able to achieve the targets of all items.

For 2015, we are further promoting environmental contribution sought by society in response to the changing times. The report opens featuring the two themes of "Seeking Next Generation Refrigerants," an essential environmental theme to air conditioning manufacturers, and "Offering Solutions to Mitigate the Impact of Global Warming," a theme for realizing a net zero energy building*1 that is becoming increasingly needed around the world.

The Chinese edition is to be published in September, whereas a booklet in English will be created at the same time from extracted feature articles.

Features of "CSR Report 2011"
1. Report on Results of the Environmental Action Plan Marking Fiscal 2010 as the Final Fiscal Year
Eighteen items of the nineteen items stated in the five-year environmental action plan marking fiscal 2010 as the final fiscal year were achieved.

Items that largely exceeded targets:
  (1) Reduction of 73% was achieved for the target to reduce emission amount of greenhouse gases in fiscal 2005 by 50%
  (2) Reduction of amount of energy used during production in Japan and a reduction of more than twice the amount of CO2 emissions per sales
(34% reduction for the target of 15% compared to fiscal 2000)
  (3) Achievement of 96% for the target of 50% or more in the ratio of environmental consideration established by revised company standard for products sold in Japan
  (4) Achievement of 87% for 70% reduction target compared to fiscal 2005 of release of hazardous substances designated by the PRTR Law

2. Features on Environmental Topics for Further Contribution to Prevention of Global Warming

  Feature on "Seeking Next Generation Refrigerants"
A switchover to next generation refrigerants that lessen the impact to ozone depletion and global warming is being sought from around the world, and Daikin is the only manufacturer that develops both refrigerant gas and air conditioning equipment. In this feature, we introduce our activities inside and outside of Japan to provide venues for information and discourse relating to the various special characteristics of refrigerants to ensure that the right material is selected for the right application.

Feature on "Offering Solutions to Mitigate the Impact of Global Warming"
Energy-saving measures in the field of air conditioning and hot water supply account for approximately 40% in the amount of energy reduction for buildings and contribute greatly to reductions in the overall energy consumption of a building. Daikin offers an abundant number of unique services such as energy-saving control from the aspect of operation. In this feature, we introduce examples of total energy-saving solutions that include design, installation, operation, and after sales service that only a manufacturer specializing in air conditioning can perform such as system design combining inverter technology and control equipment.

3. Creation of an energy conservation method for air conditioners that can be simply performed and its proven effectiveness in a separate attachment

  Within the concern for mid-summer energy shortages, a great need for energy conservation exists for air conditioning that occupies approximately half *2 of the consumed electrical power on a summer day. An energy conservation method relating to air conditioners that can be soon adopted at home and its effectiveness are compiled in a one-page sheet. The information is enclosed in the CSR Report and applies to a wide variety of situations.

  *1 Buildings whose net energy consumption becomes zero by improving energy-saving performance in buildings and facilities and utilizing renewable and unused energy sources
  *2 Estimate of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy that assumes numerical values for days of peak demand

  For more information, please contact
     Daikin Industries, Ltd.
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