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Progress In Removing PFOA In Fluorochemical Products

21 December 2012

In December of 2007, Daikin Industries, Ltd. (Head Office, Osaka, Japan, President Masanori Togawa), announced a goal of ceasing use, by the end of 2012, of PFOA (a substance which is persistent in the environment), which is a raw material in fluoropolymer production and a micro-contaminant in certain products. While this has been substantially completed, the transition to alternatives has been delayed with regard to some products (amounting to less than 1% of the total). In this release we announce our current status and our plans for future action.

  • (1) There is currently no global regulation with regard to the manufacture and sales of PFOA but, in 2006, Daikin as one of eight major producers of fluorochemistry, joined participation in a voluntary PFOA reduction program (the PFOA 2010/2015 Stewardship Program) which has as its goal the elimanation of PFOA by the end of 2015. Daikin set for itself a goal brought forward three years, and as a result of that ceased the use of PFOA in all of our production processes at the end of 2012.
  • (2) By these efforts Daikin had, by the end of October 2012, globally reduced release of PFOA into the environment, and the concentration of PFOA in our products, by more than 99% compared to the year 2000.
  • (3) However, in some applications for the treatment of the surface of apparel outer requiring ultra high performance of water and oil repellency, some PFOA occurs as a by-product of the C8 telomer raw material. Daikin is engaged in the development of alternative products but we have not yet successfully developed replacements with performance equal to C8 telomers for the most demanding applications. For the time being we will continue to supply products based on C8 telomers in which PFOA has been much reduced.
  • (4) We will increase our development effort for the replacement products, and aim to remove PFOA completely by the end of 2015, the goal of the Stewardship Program.
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