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Daikin Acquires Northern European Air Filter Manufacturer Dinair

Aims for even greater expansion of filter business in Europe

27 December 2016

Daikin Industries, Ltd., announces the acquisition of Dinair AB, an air filter manufacturer in Sweden, by American Air Filter Company Inc., (hereinafter referred to as "AAF"), a Daikin subsidiary involved in the filter business. The acquisition of Dinair was performed through AAF-Lufttechnik GmbH, an AAF Group company in Germany, and all procedures have been completed.

Dinair has been expanding its business focused primarily on Northern Europe in the countries of Sweden, Norway, and Finland. In addition to its headquarters in Sweden, Dinair has production facilities in Finland and Latvia and is engaged in the manufacture and sell of air filters for residential and commercial use air conditioners.

In terms of scale, the European air filter market ranks only behind that of the United States, and more than 30 percent of the market is occupied by Germany and Northern Europe in particular. In addition to the automotive and pharmaceutical industries, the region is home to a thriving manufacturing industry for high-tech industries, including communication equipment, and the need is great for high value-added products such as those for cleanrooms. With strict regulations relating to indoor air environments that include residences, commercial buildings, and factories, the European market is poised to expand further in the future.

Utilizing the strengths of its Group subsidiaries of AAF and Nippon Muki Co., Ltd., Daikin has expanded its filter business to date in commercial-use air conditioning for buildings and factories and in engineering fields such as dust collection systems for plants. In April 2016, Daikin acquired Flanders, a major U.S. air filter company specializing in high-quality filters for pharmaceuticals and food products. Having become the top manufacturer in the United States, the largest market, Daikin is looking to further solidify its foundation for a global filter business.

Previously, Daikin had concentrated its filter business activities in Europe on Southern Europe, including France and Spain, and had not extensively developed business for Northern Europe. With this acquisition, Daikin will leverage the Dinair sales network and bases for production and after sales service to begin full-scale business development in Northern Europe. Entry to the largest Europe market provides Daikin an opportunity to not only expand future business in the region but also to contribute in Europe to the improvement of indoor air environments and the mitigation of environmental problems such as air pollution.

Summary of Dinair

Company Name Dinair AB
Location Vadstena, Sweden
Representative Fredrik Särnehed
Establishment 1989
Areas of Business Manufacture and sale of commercial and residential use air filters
Employee 330 people (as of June 2016)
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