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    Small Type Large Capacity Inverter Compressor

    Advanced Technologies Used in Daikin Scroll Compressors

    Large capacity inverter compressor using high tension strength material, realize 12HP compressor using 8HP casing.

  • *Specifications differ according to model.
  • 2

    Highly Integrated Heat Exchanger

    Improve performance by increasing heat exchanger area while maintaining the same installation space.

Realise highly integrated heat exchanger performance (increase row, reduce fin pitch) by reducing of airflow resistance which changes cooling tube to 7mm in diameter.

  • *Specifications differ according to model.
  • 3

    Large Airflow, High External Static Pressure and Quiet Technology

    Advanced analytic technologies including CFD and FEM are utilized to optimize fan design and increase airflow rate and external static pressure without increasing operation sound.

  • *Specifications differ according to model.
  • 4

    Improve Reliability at High Ambient Temperature

    It is possible to cool the inverter power module stability even at high ambient temperature.
    This helps to keep air-conditioning capacity and also reduces failure ratio.

  • *Specifications differ according to model.
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