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Taro Mitani

Taro Mitani

Deputy General Manager and CVC Department Manager
Technology and Innovation Center

In November 2019, Daikin established the CVC Office in the Technology and Innovation Center as an organization to promote collaborations with startup companies to develop new technologies and provide advanced solutions.

Based on our Group-wide strategic management plan FUSION, we are working toward the transformation of our business models together with upfront investments in closely related domains.

One of the characteristics of CVC is the autonomy that it allows each department (business division, etc.). Rather than the conventional style of decisions made by top management, each individual general manager executes authority for investment decisions. Along with quicker decisions, the departments bearing responsibility have greater motivation to promote collaborations and generate results.


  • Prioritiy on strategic returns such as strengthening existing businesses through business synergies and upfront investments in related domains
  • Investment fund of 11 billion yen in 2019-2024
  • Authority for making decisions to the general managers of the concerned divisions and the Technology and Innovation Center
  • Focus at an early stage


Challenge to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Challenge to Achieve Carbon Neutrality
  • Refrigerant initiatives to support the AC business
  • Initiatives for new environment-related business
  • Technological development for a carbon neutral society

Promotion of Solutions Business Connected with Customers

Promotion of Solutions Business Connected with Customers
  • Digital Transformation Supporting Innovation
    ・Promotion of DX

Creating Value with Air

Creating Value with Air
  • Establishment of a large-scale IAQ/Ventilation business
  • Air that enriches people’s lives
  • Creation of IAQ/air environments


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