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The Technology and Innovation Center aims to develop the world's No. 1 technology and create products of dreams and new value.

In November 2015, Daikin Industries, Ltd. established the Technology and Innovation Center (TIC). Rather than from a sense of crisis in these times of intense changes where further acceleration of global business expansion and continued long-term development as a manufacturer require success in the technological arena, the TIC was built in anticipation of achieving even further growth and development by maximizing the opportunities that these changes bring.

Creating innovation requires a developmental focus on collaborative creation that generates new value through fusion achieved in the alliances and partnerships of companies, universities, and research institutes having technologies in different fields and industries. In working with customers to resolve various social issues, we believe mutual understanding is the most crucial element and welcome the proposals of new themes and needs from people around the world.

In addition to advancing monozukuri (manufacturing) by establishing the world's No. 1 technology through collaborative innovation, we strive to provide experiences that create new value for customers and society.

To this end, we will expand our business aspirations beyond our strengths of air conditioning and fluorochemicals to fields relating to spaces, the environment, and energy. In spaces and air environments, we aim to create stress-free spaces, in addition to air quality, by utilizing biological sensing and physiology. In terms of monozukuri, we are incorporating a fusion of nanotechnology, surface modification, synthesis technology, and advanced functional materials to evolve the manufacturing process, from raw materials to air conditioning equipment, another level higher. AI and ICT technologies will also be fused with air conditioning technology to provide new value and services. In the energy field, we established a new micro-hydro power generation company in 2017. We take on challenges to develop the energy creation business using renewable energy by leveraging the energy-saving technologies that Daikin has developed so far in the air conditioning field. In this way, we intend to continuously propose these types of products and services in the marketplace.

The TIC brings together approximately 700 engineers of varying expertise. They engage in vigorous discussions and endeavor every day to fuse external knowledge and create new products and experiences through open innovation.

We truly hope to find new partners who aim to create new value with us by fully utilizing this environment. The future we aim for cannot be realized without support from partners. Your kind support and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Yuji Yoneda
Executive Officer and General Manager, Technology and Innovation Center
Daikin Industries, Ltd.


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