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We will create air environments to realize healthier and happier lives of people air temperature control through conventional cooling and heating. For this reason, we are working on "Sensing technologies that connect people and air." This is necessary to achieve “Standardization of healthy air environments," which clarifies the effect of air on humans, and "Differentiated technologies for IAQ equipment," which realizes new value such as balance between energy savings and indoor air environment and the removal and addition of substances for health benefits.
Disinfection technologies combining new UV technologies with
Streamer technology

In addition to temperature and humidity control, which is the strength of Daikin Industries, we are creating safer, more reliable, healthier air by strengthening ventilation and combining it with removal and addition technologies. We are developing ventilation technologies that recover heat and moisture from the discharged air and add clean air to the room. At the same time, we provide energy savings and high-quality air environments together with removal technologies (dust collection, removal) to efficiently remove harmful substances such as viruses and allergens. We are also working on disinfection technologies (Streamer, UV, etc.) as well as developing technologies that add beneficial substances such as fragrances instead of conventional removal.
Air quality sensing
Sensing technologies that connect people and air
We will create more effective products by clarifying the air-related conditions and issues of our customers so that we may provide them an optimal air environment according to their situation and needs such as for infectious diseases, allergies, and good sleep. We are working to develop analysis and diagnostic technologies that we can easily perform on-site sensing and simulation technologies that visualize ventilation and air stagnation. Moreover, we are taking up the challenge of developing more specialized and high-value sensing technologies that overcome the limitations of conventional technologies with technology that can estimate and reduce the risk of infection from droplets containing viruses and the indoor environment.
Air value demonstration
Standardization for healthy air environments
In addition to the comfort by conventional control of air temperature and humidity, we also provide air conditioning technology to keep people in a healthier physical state by creating air that is more suitable for each person’s physical condition and situation. For example, we are working on technology development to use vital data to clarify the state of a person and achieve air that is relaxing and less tiring and technology development to clarify the air needed to improve efficiency according to the situation such as for sleep and studying.
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