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In providing solutions throughout the air conditioning value chain from value-added proposals at the time of maintenance and inspection of air conditioners to the repair and complete replacement of all equipment and systems, including air conditioning systems, Daikin is establishing and enlarging its business model beyond only selling air conditioning equipment to one that offers experiences.

In particular, we are developing solutions menus and component technologies that are optimized for each customer according to application and market to meet a variety of needs including air conditioning system solutions, air solutions, refrigeration solutions for refrigerators and freezers, and energy management of entire buildings.


Service solutions utilizing air conditioning equipment data
Utilization of AC Equipment Data
In using the cloud in the collection and analysis of the internal data used in the operation of air conditioning systems, we have developed technology that efficiently provides safe, reliable, non-stop air environments. For example, we provide solutions that quickly detect refrigerant leaks by using AI technology to analyze changes in internal data from a long-term perspective and minimize air conditioning downtime by predicting the location of operation failures.
Optimization of the Entire Building
Optimization of the Entire Building
Since air conditioning equipment is said to account for roughly half of all energy consumed in a building, we work to develop technologies to realize carbon neutrality for entire buildings centered on air conditioning systems. For example, we will contribute to the realization of safe, reliable buildings that save energy using technology that simulates the heat load inside a building and the air environment to realize the cyber-physical environment. We are also developing technology that can provide solutions for the entire building by collecting data from equipment (including air conditioning) in the building and providing a controller that performs optimal control.
DX Conversion of the Air Conditioning Worksite

We are also promoting the conversion of on-site work to DX by adding on-site digital capabilities with human capabilities, which are the strengths of Daikin Industries. As air conditioning demand continues to increase around the world, we will utilize IoT and AI technologies to build service networks in all regions that allow customers to use air conditioning safely, reliably, and comfortably. For example, we are developing a service site support system that incorporates wearable devices and natural language processing technology together with the remote support of engineers having extensive experience in servicing who can quickly solve the air conditioning issues of customers at any site.


Refrigeration Solutions
Refrigeration Solutions
To the refrigeration market where items are cooled, we have introduced equipment that includes refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, and ventilation equipment. Together with technological solutions that contribute to eliminating social environment issues such as carbon neutrality, we are designing energy management systems that connect all equipment, building optimal air environments, and developing technology to preserve and control the freshness of food to reduce food loss.
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