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FUORI SALONE 2015 Dialog about Fuori Salone with Fabrica × Daikin

Dialog about Fuori Salone with Mr.Sam Baron, and Koichiro Seki

Dialog Fabrica × Daikin "about Fuori Salone"

Dialog about Fuori Salone with Mr.Sam Baron, Design Creative Director at Fabrica and Koichiro Seki, Design Group Leader at Daikin

Sam Baron (Baron):
For us Fuori Salone is a platform to showcase every year a part of our ongoing research and design works.
It is a perfect moment to present the results of our unique collaborations with companies such as Daikin to whom we proposed, since last year, to develop a creative way to give credit to the Air concept, thanks to its several quality interpretations through the Fabrica eyes.

Koichiro Seki (Seki):
Fuori Salone is getting to be not only a design event, but also more like a global center to express the core idea of the brand to the public.
For Daikin, as a global brand, it is efficient to express it continuously through exhibitions at Fuori Salone.

If the brand has something universal and presents it creatively, that's one option for Daikin to become a design player in this industry.

What should Daikin express to the public more?

I think that Daikin should look for more self-expression. Not only showing that Daikin does air conditioning but how to express extra things that the others cannot do.
Daikin should be considering something more upscale. We should feel that Daikin represents high quality and good taste.

Daikin, as an air-conditioner brand, is beside people 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all over the world.
We should express the better lifestyles we can provide and our values for all people.

Air belongs to everybody - but we need to treat it in the Daikin way.
We wanted to say something universal that is close and effective to everybody.
Daikin can become that extra value brand. This year we would like to say we know exactly how to handle air.
To transmit how close the brand is to everyone - because air belongs to everyone.

What do you think of the 2015 Exhibition?

We should emphasize the air that can only be created by Daikin.
I think it is fine to show something intangible to the public if it comes exclusively from Daikin technology or personality.

It is important to express the experience more than showing the object itself.
The key in terms of design for the furniture fair is to be inspirational. Daikin is different because it inspires people and provides wellbeing.

Daikin is a Japanese company and Japan has four seasons. Winter could be very cold and summer could be very hot and humid so Daikin products are designed to offer a comfortable environment to Japanese people throughout all seasons.
And the air that people are touching 365 days a year is actually created by an extremely high level of Daikin craftsmanship.
I believe that these are our resources in making Daikin the Air Specialists, to inspire people, and to realize our extra value.

Sam Baron
interlocutorSam Baron : director of Fabrica Design Studio
Sam Baron has a degree in Design from the Fine Arts School of Saint Etienne and a post-graduate degree from the National Decorative Arts School of Paris. Baron loves to reinterpret traditional methods of construction, raising questions about the utility of today's material productions. Sam Baron currently lives and works between France, Portugal and Italy where, since 2006, he directs Fabrica's Design Studio.
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