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“LINK OF LIFE Exhibition: Aging? Future! ”

At the “LINK OF LIFE Exhibition: Aging? Future! ” sponsored by Shiseido, we presented the “Flow Drops Flow.”

Performed in cooperation with a marketer from Shiseido Co., Ltd, this work symbolizes the essential "flow" of the body toward beauty juxtaposed with the "flow" of time and life's encounters. Participants splash water on multiple-sized plates using a paddle with an attached PTFE filter that has been treated with a fluoropolymer powder. Featuring ultra water repellency processing, these plates enable transparent water drops to form and remain standing until they reach a certain weight and fall through the plates. The next participant scoops from that pool of water.

This series of events helps us to visualize the mechanism of a filter while experiencing the essence of beautiful drops of water.

Shiseido "LINK OF LIFE Exhibition: Aging? Future! "
3F, Hanatsubaki Hall, Shiseido Ginza Building

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