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Innovating Daikin Achievements

Introducing endeavors to Perfecting the Air by Daikin, the pioneer in air conditioning.

Energy Efficient AC Subscription Service

Different countries/regions, different needs. Daikin has created an innovative service "Air Conditioner Subscriptions" as a solution addressing both people’s quality of life and environmental issues in Tanzania at the same time.

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History of Daikin Innovation

Daikin history is also the history of air conditioning. Read about its 90 fascinating years here.

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Daikin Global Case Study

From historical and cultural buildings to skyscrapers constructed with cutting-edge technology, Daikin has been chosen time and again.

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VRV, Opening the New Era

“Daikin’s development of VRV” was the moment a new standard was created. This representative achievement let Daikin to be considered as a pioneer in air conditioning.

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