Dalkeith on Waratah, Australia

Building Information

  • Location: Dalkeith, Australia
  • Number of floors: 4F
  • Total floor area: 1,500m2
  • Completion: 2016

Equipment Installed

VRV (Heat pump)


Waratah is located in Dalkeith near the beautiful Swan River, around eight kilometers from the center of Perth. It consists of 31 luxury apartments and seven commercial tenancies with a basement and ground floor car park. Individual apartments measure 180 m2 and the spacious penthouses are 311 m2. All residences are fitted with VRV S series systems while VRV IV heat pumps are used for commercial tenancies. The selection of systems was handled by the project’s consultant. The company maintains a close working relationship with Daikin due to both the excellent quality of Daikin’s systems and reliability as a supplier.

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