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To continue Perfecting the Air,
Daikin provides the ideal air suited for different countries and regions throughout the world.

Learn about the stories
of each country


Heat reclaim ventilation that can ventilate while maintaining room temperature
(fast development to meet the needs)

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Mobile app to book professional technicians for transparent and reliable maintenance services

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Products developed to supply clean and fresh air and protect against air pollution

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Centralized air conditioning system for the whole city to reduce energy consumption by about 30%

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Air conditioners control according to the outside environment for both of energy-saving and stable temperature in wine tasting room

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Energy-saving and comfort from Daikin air conditioners even for high-rise commercial complex building

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Teamed up with a Chinese company to contribute saving energy in China by introducing inverter technology

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Subscription system that enables people to easily obtain high energy-efficient air conditioners

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Fostering an energy-efficient air-conditioning culture in collaboration with educational institutions in the Philippines

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Cote d'Ivoire

Supporting the economic growth of Cote D’lvoire through the optimization of air-conditioning procurement

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The “Perfect Air” varies from region to region.
That is why Daikin emphasizes creating air that meets the needs of each region.
Wherever you may be in the world,
Daikin realizes the “Perfect Air” for you.

Find out more in your region.

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