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Even Greater Opportunities
for Ambitious People

Yin Ming

Daikin Air-conditioning Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Location : Daikin Air-conditioning Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Job Type : Installation Department
Post/Role : -
Year Joined : Year Joined: 2012

Providing global opportunities
regardless of nationality

Since my university days, I had a strong desire to play a role on the global stage, and that’s why I went to study in Japan. When it came time for me to look for a job, I began searching in Japan by visiting multinational companies. It was then I discovered a company called Daikin, which was establishing subsidiaries worldwide and investing resources into cultivating the Asia market, particularly China, and the emerging markets. It had a reputation as a growth company that had rapidly expanded by constantly undertaking new challenges and taking bold actions to achieve them. But what distinguished Daikin from the other companies was its willingness to provide global opportunities to employees regardless of nationality. That convinced me that Daikin and I could grow together. Upon entering the company, I was surprised at the number of training programs and the quality of the company’s training facilities. Training content not only covered technical aspects but also gave us abundant opportunities to learn the mental aspects of being a contributing member of society. Another advantage of Daikin is its global training centers. No matter which country you are assigned you can still learn the same technology as taught in Japan.

Customer’s expression of
appreciation a source of growth

Being in charge of installations allows me to understand the importance of high quality installations and technology in ensuring customers have a pleasant, satisfying experience from using Daikin products. Since it is only my second year, I learn from the managers and more experienced technicians and devote myself to absorbing all the knowledge and techniques they are able to give. Although I had absolutely no technical skill or knowledge related to air conditioners before entering the company, I am now able to respond to customer questions and inquiries as a result of the comprehensive in-house training programs and OTJ training that Daikin provides. When I see the satisfaction in a customer’s eyes and hear a thrilled voice say “Thank you” and “You saved the day!” or when I receive encouragement from my colleagues and bosses, all the hardships endured until then seem to vanish, and I vow to myself to try even harder. Recently I have been entrusted with small-scale worksites. In the future, I intend to do my best in offering installations and services with the awareness of differentiating Daikin from other companies.

Being entrusted to difficult
tasks despite inexperience

The first time I was entrusted with taking care of a customer I felt a great sense of accomplishment and personal growth when I successfully completed all aspects, from beginning to end, by myself. I was very nervous, but I remembered how my fellow colleagues always conducted themselves and the lessons I learned from my bosses, and I was okay. I have since been entrusted with the entire process from quotations and contracts to the completion of installations. Whenever I am unsure of what to do, I can always count on other colleagues for advice. With the mindset of absolute customer satisfaction, I always think from the customer’s point-of-view and keep a smile on my face. I often remind myself of the importance of finding enjoyment in my work. Also, there is an expression I like that I first heard in university about the wisdom of the three hearts: the heart of service says, “I’ll do it,” the heart of conscience says, “I’m sorry,” and the heart of gratitude says, “Thank you.”

Culture of overcoming difficulties
together with colleagues

Although there is still a mountain of things for me to learn, I would like to have the opportunity in the future of communicating the special knowledge from China to the world. Also, I would like to be a part of consolidating the various regions, countries, philosophies, cultures, and wisdom by global network and fusing it together by “persistently challenging” to make a new monozukuri. Daikin offers a stage where each and every employee plays a role but the factors essential to success are the employee’s own “desire to challenge” and “ability to take action.” that are essential to success. Daikin enthusiastically offers each employee opportunities to accumulate experience and play an ever increasingly important role in business operations. Naturally, in the course of a job, there are hurdles to overcome, but there is a culture at Daikin of people coming together to help whenever there is a problem at the worksite. We teach and learn from each other, and this gives us the confidence to take on new challenges and achieve new heights. That “ability to take action” is really wonderful, and I feel happy to be able to work as a member of the Daikin Group.

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