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About DaikinPerfecting the Air

The world contains an infinite number of spaces. Daikin believes that the air in each of them should be ideally suited to the environment they support. Thus, we make it possible to manage the air- to control its temperature, humidity, flow, and cleanliness.

Exciting new research promises the ability to modulate sensory elements, such as light and smell.
We will continue to identify opportunities and seek solutions as we strive to make the world's spaces happier and more comfortable.

At Daikin, we discover something new every day.

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The Reasons Why Daikin is Global No.1Why Daikin

Design & Technology

Image:DAIKIN design

DAIKIN design

Products' stories from the design point of view, creating new user experiences.

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Image:Technology and Innovation Center

Technology and Innovation Center

Technology and Innovation Center is the core facility of Daikin's technological development for collaborative innovation.

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Image:Corporate Information Image:Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Provides an overview of Daikin Industries, its business areas, and group philosophy along with the latest information related to Daikin.

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