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People-Centered Management

People-Centered Management refers to the tacit knowledge, or corporate culture, that Daikin has cultivated through its many years of corporate activities since its founding and serves as the basis for all corporate ideals including Corporate Principles, Our Group Philosophy, and the Annual Group Policy.

People-Centered Management

With belief in the unlimited potential of people and based on the conviction that the source of a company’s competitiveness is its people and that the cumulative growth of each individual is the foundation of a company’s growth, People-Centered Management is a line of thinking which draws out the enthusiasm and understanding of the people who work in an organization to strengthen and raise the capabilities of the organization by having all members further refine their own individuality, achieve growth, and demonstrate their full potential.

In other words, this utilization of the individualities and abilities possessed by each and every member as the strength of the organization is the precise definition of diversity management.
As long as management is a human activity, a company cannot be managed unless priority is placed on how to enhance the enthusiasm and understanding of the people who work there.People-Centered Management is the tacit knowledge that the Daikin Group has nurtured since its founding and what it has been endeavoring to achieve.

People-Centered Management

All business activities, including strategy execution, various reforms, R&D, production, and sales, are carried out by people who work in the company. Business management depends on the potential and individualities of the people who take action as well as the awareness with which they act. At the same time, people rejoice when they are happy, cry when they are sad, trust people at times, and distrust them at other times. While upholding enthusiasm and ambition to grow and succeed, people sometimes fear failure and flinch at taking on a challenge in a new realm. These feelings and emotions are common to all people, regardless of nationality, race, or gender and transcend differences in culture, customs, and history.

People-Centered Management

If success of all corporate activities depends on such people, by believing in the potential of people that work there and drawing out enthusiasm and understanding to the fullest through work, people demonstrate their full individualities and capabilities and achieve growth.This should improve the quality of business activities and be the driving force for the vitality of an organization as well as the growth and development of a company.
The approach underlining People-Centered Management involves establishing a workplace in which employees who were drawn together in joining Daikin can experience fulfillment within an environment where they can work with a sense of purpose and demonstrate their maximum potential to achieve growth.

There is not a company in the world that does not place importance on people. By making efforts to this end with actual intent, we would like to make People-Centered Management one of the sources of competitive advantages of the Daikin Group.

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