Group Conduct Guidelines

1. Providing Safe, High Quality Products and Services

We shall make every effort to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services from the standpoint of our customers. Should a problem occur regarding safety, we shall immediately take appropriate action.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Ensuring the safety of our products and services
    1. We shall observe all applicable laws and safety standards in Japan and overseas related to the safety of our products and services.
    2. We shall establish a quality management system and execute measures to maintain product safety and high quality assurance in all processes extending from product design to production, sales, and after sales service.
    3. We shall display appropriate, easy-to-understand instructions and warnings on products and in instruction manuals to ensure the safe use of our products by our customers.
    4. We shall rapidly ascertain information related to the safety and quality of products and services in the marketplace and implement appropriate measures from the standpoint of the customer. At the same time, we will provide accurate feedback to personnel within our company in order to offer products and services with even greater safety and high quality.
    5. We shall provide outstanding products, systems, and services that fully satisfy and meet the needs of customers
  2. Providing immediate and appropriate response to any problem relating to safety
    1. We shall actively collect information from our customers concerning accidents involving Daikin products and quickly report this information to our executive management while providing customers with suitable information.
    2. In the unlikely event of a safety problem occurring in the use our product, our first and primary concern shall be for the safety of our customers, and we shall take immediate actions to minimize and prevent the occurrence of a serious accident. Actions to be taken immediately shall include repairing or replacing the product in question, announcing the problem through the appropriate media channels, and submitting a statutory report on the problem to the relevant authorities. All relevant people outside the company, including sales personnel, will be informed of the situation.
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