Group Conduct Guidelines

5. Proper Management and Utilization of Information

We shall properly manage and effectively utilize the confidential information of our company, the confidential information obtained from other companies, and the personal information of our customers and employees, and we shall not obtain any information through improper means. We shall thoroughly execute IT security management for our computer systems and the data-resources saved on them.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Properly managing and utilizing confidential information
    1. We shall properly manage and utilize the confidential information of our company by defining and indicating confidential information, limiting access to it, and enacting security measures to prevent the leaks of confidential information outside the company.
    2. Should the disclosure of confidential information of our company become necessary, we shall determine the disclosure method, the scope of the confidential information to be disclosed, and other matters after thorough consideration. Moreover, we shall conclude a confidentiality agreement so that confidential information is not disclosed to third parties.
    3. Individuals with access to confidential information during their tenure with our company shall neither use nor disclose this information to third parties without the company's permission even after leaving the company.
  2. Fairly obtaining and properly using confidential information of other companies
    1. When obtaining confidential information of other companies, we shall acquire this information by proper methods from a person with authority to disclose it.
    2. Upon acquiring confidential information from another company, we shall confine our use to the scope specified in the confidentially agreement and shall properly manage the information as if we were handling the confidential information of our own company.
  3. Properly handling personal information
    1. When acquiring personal information, we shall indicate the purpose for using the information to the individual person and restrict our use to this purpose. Additionally, when personal information is mutually shared among companies of the Group, we shall specify the scope of user access, items for use, and purpose of use to the individuals directly or through our homepage.
    2. We shall do everything possible to prevent the leak of personal information that is entrusted to us from our customers, business partners, and employees.
    3. We shall take the appropriate measures regarding requests by individuals for us to disclose, correct or delete their respective personal information in the data stored in our database.
  4. Managing information systems appropriately
    1. We shall thoroughly implement IT security management according to IT security guidelines to protect and appropriately use the Daikin IT system (computer systems, network and as information property kept within the computer systems).
    2. We shall always be on guard for cyber attacks such as computer viruses from outside. Furthermore, even if by chance we are attacked, we will act in accordance to the IT security in order to protect against actual damage from viruses.
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