Group Conduct Guidelines

9. Ensuring the Safety of Operations

We shall take all possible precautions for safe operations and act with a mindset of "Safety First" to ensure the safety of the workplace and further gain the trust of people in the regions we serve.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Observance of safety-related laws and regulations and internal company safety policies together with greater safety awareness and a higher level of safety
    1. Safety-related laws and regulations and internal company safety rules are established in response to experience and past failures. It is therefore critical that we observe these policies in the interests of safety.
    2. We shall constantly review internal company safety rules for optimal content and strictly observe these rules as well as all safety-related laws and regulations in order to make every effort to raise the level of safety.
    3. Furthermore, it is necessary that each and every one of us maintain a high awareness for safety as a fundamental premise for ensuring safety. We shall work to increase safety awareness through safety education including hands-on, practical safety training and improve the level of safety.
  2. Execution of precautions based on the likelihood of danger
    1. To ensure operation safety, it is extremely important to infer the sources of hazards prior to an accident or disaster occurring and prepare for them.
    2. Together with practicing danger prediction activities, we shall examine danger factors in the workplace according to risk assessment and work to create a "zero danger" workplace by drafting countermeasures and practicing PDCA in their execution.
  3. Taking immediate action at the occurrence of an accident or disaster
    1. In the event that an accident or disaster occurs, we shall rescue the victims and prevent the spread of the accident or disaster. If necessary, we shall immediately issue an evacuation order to the neighborhood and shall guide members of the community to safety.
    2. Also, together with planning beforehand the steps to take for business continuation such as early restoration of facilities damaged by the accident or disaster, we shall constantly train and make every effort in preparation for all types of emergency situations to minimize their impact.
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