Group Conduct Guidelines

10. Respect for Human Rights and Diversity and Observance of Labor Laws

We shall respect the human rights of each and every employee and shall not engage in conduct that discriminates on the basis of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, color of skin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Diversity in individual values is enthusiastically accepted, and we shall work to make the unique talents and abilities of each and every person the driving force of the organization. We shall also observe both the letter and spirit of all labor laws and regulations of each country and region, and under no circumstances shall we sanction the labor of underage employees, minors who do not meet the minimum legal age requirements (child labor), or labor performed under compulsion or against a person's will (forced labor).

Human rights are the minimum rights necessary for human beings to live in happiness and are those rights to which each living person is entitled and no one can infringe upon.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Respecting human rights
    1. We shall respect the human rights of each and every employee without regard to nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, color of skin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. We shall cooperate with each other to ensure a pleasant working environment and good human relations in the workplace, and make every effort to create a fair and positive workplace. There shall be no harassment including sexual or power harassment as well as harassment relating to pregnancy, childbirth, or childcare leave. Furthermore, we shall respect the human rights of people outside the company including our business partners and various stakeholders.
  2. Respecting diversity
    1. We shall draw together the strength we possess by respecting diversity in values and acting in harmony through mutually acceptance of our respective differences. We shall enhance the individuality and abilities of each and every person to become the strength of the team and aim to be a group that generates one innovation after another at all workplaces.
  3. Observance of laws and regulations relating to labor practices
    1. We shall thoroughly comply with all labor laws and regulations (Labor Standards Law, the Industrial Safety and Health Law, the Labor Union Law, the Worker Dispatch Law, etc.,) and promote a relationship where "the company and the individuals who work there are drawn together by mutual preference" to create a foundation where each and every employee can work with enthusiasm.
  4. Ensuring workplace health and safety
    1. We shall first ensure the health and safety of our workplaces so that all employees can work safely by creating a good work environment that prevents disasters through the daily inspection of workplaces for causes of disasters and the implementation of disaster prevention measures.
  5. Instilling pride in all Daikin employees
    1. Before taking any action, we shall remain aware of our social responsibility as Daikin employees. We shall not commit any anti-social or illegal acts, and shall not allow any other persons to commit such acts. In addition, we shall observe our working regulations and internal company policies and shall not commit any dishonest or unfaithful acts. Moreover, we shall maintain internal order and public morals and shall work diligently and with sincerity.
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