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Sustainability Targets and Results

Customer Satisfaction

Sustainability Targets and Results

Respect individual personalities and values, and maximize the potential of each employee so that they can benefit Daikin and society as a whole


Strengthen human resource capabilities by deepening diversity management

Net sales of Air Conditioning Solutions business

We used net sales to measure the extent to which we provide solutions tailored to needs

Medium-Term Targets

560 billion yen in fiscal 2023

Fiscal 2021 Achievements

500 billion yen

Customer satisfaction with after-sales services

We measured customer satisfaction (setting the base year as 1.00)

Medium-Term Targets

Establish service network covering all regions worldwide

Fiscal 2021 Achievements

Japan (Compared to Fiscal 2015) 1.14
China (Compared to Fiscal 2018) 1.04
India (Compared to Fiscal 2016) 1.19
France (Compared to Fiscal 2019) 1.02


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